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The electronic book also known as the ebook is fast becoming the largest platform for reading in modern day. Simply put it is an electronic “file” of a book, which must be read off a device, such as a Kindle or an iPad or in some cases they can be read online.

As bookstores around the world continue to close down, the hysteria surrounding the eBook continues to grow. It was in July 2010, that online bookseller Amazon.com reported that its sales of ebooks had for the first time outnumbered the sales of its hardcover books.

Although it can’t be denied that the effect of the ebook on the contemporary mediascape has been quite profound. With the incorporation of different audiovisual media, and interactivity it has meant that books are no longer just a print medium and instead have become a media distribution platform as well.

Advantages and Disadvantages of the eBook:


  • You can bring all of your favourite books everywhere on one small device
  • You can buy it with one click and read it right away
  • eBooks are generally cheaper than physical copies, save shipping costs
  • Ability to translates to several different languages
  • You can back them up as much as you like and use minimum disk space, also reduce paper use


  • Reading an electronic device for a long time is tiring and can cause eyestrain
  • Some eBooks don’t allow printing/copying/sharing
  • Upfront cost of the reading device is expensive
  • Like with any technology they have unreliable lifespans

While eBooks seem very convenient and popular, I myself hope that print never becomes a dying medium. There is nothing that can beat the feeling of the pages between your hands while you are reading or the smell of the crisp white pages of a new book. For me, these things are a crucial part of the overall reading experience.