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Search is an interesting and historical documentary which looks at some of the high tech innovations and economic advances of the Internet through the development of search engines focusing on companies such as Yahoo and Google, which have helped to revolutionize modern-day society.

Stanford University students, Jerry Yang and David Filo together in 1994, founded the first well-established search engine known as Yahoo! As Yahoo took off and continued to grow they began to see the potential economic gains that could be delivered from developing a relationship between the internet and advertising. At first a little weary, Yahoo decided to expand and in 1995 introduced banner advertising. There is no denying that Yahoo were innovative with their ideas and took advantage of an opportunity to make serious money on the internet. However in doing so they managed to get carried away and “stopped caring about the search”. They lost sight of what had made them popular initially and opened the door for another competing search engine to take over the top spot.

In 1998 Larry Page and Sergey Brin, also from Stamford University, co-founded Google. This search engine had a far “more user friendly, webified format”, which immediately appealed to users. They got rid of the pop-ups and banner advertisements and instead integrated ads into the search results and recorded users’ search terms, or “keywords”, and cleverly sold them to companies and advertisers.

Google has gone on to deliver the world’s top search engine, the most popular mobile operating system and arguably the best advertising platform in the world. In January of this year, Google announced it had earned $50 billion in annual revenue for the year 2012.  Google co-founder Larry Page describes the perfect search engine as one that would “understand exactly what you mean and give back exactly what you want”. Google has continued to focus on developing such an engine and along the way has redefined the way people worldwide view and use the Internet.

To learn more on the history of Google watch this short 4min and 30sec video by Watch Mojo