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Digital storytelling can be described as the concept of ordinary people utilising a range of different digital tools to convey their story.


Trailer for Sound Of My Voice

Presented by Fox Searchlight this clip was a 12 minute trailer for the movie the Sound of my voice. I thoroughly enjoyed the beginning of this clip and was immediately engaged in the story. The suspenseful background music successfully heightened the atmosphere. The use of dramatic pause as the two main characters sit and wait in their parked car left me feeling anxious and intrigued as to what was to come next. The narrative then follows the couple as they enter a house and partake in a number of unusual behaviours before they are blind-folded and taken in the back of a van. I found the darkness of the scene rather distressing and although a simple film technique was very effective in conveying emotion. They then arrive and a new location where they are welcomed into some sort of cult-like group. A young woman, Maggie, is then introduced and begins to talk of her experiences over the past two years. The clip ends abruptly after she announces that she is from the year 2054 leaving the audience with a plethora of unanswered questions.

I thought this digital story was very professionally shot and there were a number of effective camera shots and other techniques used throughout the clip to help build mystery and suspense, which really helped to drive the narrative along. My only downside with this story was that although I was completely engaged at the beginning of the clip, but considering the slow-pace of the story I did feel the twelve minutes start to drag and am unsure if the casual viewer will last to see out the climax at the very end of the clip and it is for this reason that I would have to disagree that this video is a significant development in storytelling.

Take This Lollipop

Drawing upon the age old warning ‘never take candy from a stranger’, Take This Lollipop is an interactive horror short film, which uses the Facebook Connect application to bring the viewers themselves into the film to create a disturbingly personal narrative. Written and directed by Jason Zada, this film was developed to help shed light on the dangers of displaying too much personal information on the internet.

As social media continues to become integrated into our everyday lives I found this clip to be extremely relevant for today’s society. I would say that this story is a significant development for storytelling as personally I struggled to pick any faults. I found it to be incredibly professional and both the camerawork and post production were seamless from start to end. The use of background music also helped to set the overall mood and help to heighten the suspense. The narrative was established early on and strongly conveyed throughout. By the end of the film, when a screen appears with an image of a red lollipop containing a razor blade with the viewer’s Facebook name, I was left feeling incredible uneasy.

Welcome to Pine Point

This particular digital story by Michael Simons and Paul Shoebridge, incorporates photographs, sound and video clips, interviews, music and narration to recreate an old town that doesn’t exist anymore and take the viewer on an online experience.

Welcome To Pine Point is an interactive website, which explores the memories of residents from the former mining community of Pine Point. The story begins with videos of the town with voice-overs. There are a number of different characters mentioned throughout the story including Kim Feodoroff and Richard Cloutier. Utilising the pages of a high school year book each character is introduced as who they were back then and who they are now using a combination of text, photographs and narration.

This is a very reflective story and deals with concepts such as personal growth, sense of community and memory loss. The first time I listened to the story I found it a little slow and somewhat uninteresting although during the second viewing I found a far greater appreciation for the work. It brings an array of different forms of digital media together to create a captivating and powerful story. Although I did find the website rather slow to respond I definitely think this piece is a powerful development in storytelling.