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Using the topic of New York City I was able to compare and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of different search engines. The three particular search engines I looked into were Google, DuckDuckGo and Instgrok.



Google Search was by far the most efficient search engine out of the three and provided me with the most relevant and up to date information on New York City. There were plenty of sites that came up in the search that provided useful travel information including up-coming events, accommodation deals and popular restaurants. Unlike the other two search engines Google also has predicted text when you type in your search inquiries, which helps to speed up the process. Google search has a very clear layout and is extremely user friendly. It not only provided me the most useful information on my topic but also managed to achieve this in an entertaining and dynamic way.

Rating: 9/10



I found DuckDuckGo to be rather unsophisticated and outdated in comparison to Google search. Although the web pages/sites that appeared were relevant and provided me with necessary information about New York City. The results however did not show the date the pages were last modified, therefore I was unsure as to whether the information that was provided on the sites was going to in fact be current. With no thumbnails or images appearing on the search page I also found DuckDuckgo to be rather monotonous and uninteresting.

Rating: 7/10



I found Instagrok to be extremely overwhelming and aesthetically unpleasing. This search engine was also the slowest of the three. The graphics were also very basic and gave the site an amateur feel. The information provided was far more simplistic than that of the other two search engines and seemed to be targeted towards a younger demographic. Instagrok also included journals, key facts, quizzes and a glossary which would did not seem relevant for a generic search.

Rating: 5/10

From my experience I would rank these particular search engines as follows:

  1. Google Search
  2. Duckduck Go
  3. Instagrok

To set Google as your default search browser:

  • Open your browser’s preferences
  • Go to Search Settings
  • Change your default search engine to Google