Winner of the 2009 Grand Prix short film festival, Gone Goodbye is a highly stylised film which explores the themes of relationships and privacy in a unique and surprising way.

Directed by Keith Rivers, the film utilizes long takes to help create emotion and build suspense for the viewer. The editing used throughout the film is also quite simple allowing the audience to focus on the narration, which gives the piece momentum and helps drive the narrative. The camerawork in the film is still and the majority of the shots are taken from high above the ground to create the illusion of floating, which becomes relevant when the balloon is revealed in the final scene. The use of music is also very prevalent throughout the film and adds to the atmosphere and depth of the piece.

I thoroughly enjoyed watching Gone Goodbye and found it hard to believe that it was made in less than 100 hours. It is a beautifully crafted short film that explores a number of different themes using incredible cinematography and a thought-provoking plot, which helps to immerse the viewer in the story.